Ciao, world of web blogging! Here’s a li’l about me…

Ciao! this is my online scratch paper of insane ravings, maniacal obsessions, pathetic pleadings, sick desires and morbid realizations due to excessive lack of sleep. Yep, I am a certified insomniac(sleep-starved freak, if you want to call it that). You have any problem with that then go shoo! (hehe…kidding!) Let me give you a short synopsis of myself…

I have never been good at opening up with anybody ever since, yes, not with my parents and not even to the closest person I've ever been with, my boyfriend. Since small, it was always hard for me to tell people what I felt or what I wanted to say that's why I always kept silent and thought better to keep my mouth shut esp. at home. So why start this blog now and show everybody what I have to say or let everybody know thoughts in my mind even the most intimate ones?! Well duh! Maybe coz this is what's in right now and everybody I know does this, isn't it enough reason to do it? haha Wrong! I was never into the stereotypical mind you, I always went against what's common and usual. Hated the fact that I had to blend well by becoming what I hated the most, insignificant. Understand that, each one of us feels that he/she has an important role to play on this world, me on the other hand feels the same(hell, I'm only human!). And part of that role in life I think is showing people that being different isn't that bad after all. Reason for me to start this thing they all call 'web blogging'. Call me self-righteous or whatever you like I don't honestly care or even give a damn(oops!) but this is my Blog so I guess I have the right to say anything I want don't I?!(hehe)

There you go, just go on browsing thru my pages for those who can jive with this kind of trash but if you're life's less complicated than mine, I assure you this is not the place to be. Why not go read somebody else's scratch, will yah?! Go ahead, read some and hope reap some… À la votre! 😉


~ by Mayang on May 14, 2006.

2 Responses to “Ciao, world of web blogging! Here’s a li’l about me…”

  1. Hi, feel free to comment on anything you find distateful, unlikeable or utterly disdainful in this blog of mine. Your comments will be satisfactorily trashed by urs truly coz i dnt give a damn about anything you say(kidding!)… walang aangal coz this is my turf! hehe :p

  2. Hey! Welcome to the blogging scene. You sound alot like me. You are now on my blogroll (dont ask me what that means), so hi! x

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