catching no Zzzzzzs…

Unfold.jpgSleepless for two days… Well, not only two days it’s been more than that I think, not sure anymore. Talk about major body abuse, but right now I don’t seem to care. Waiting for him online is what’s keepin’ me busy these days. I know it’s crazy borderline psycho(duh)! I’m just missing him so bad and lately he’s been on my mind too much! I just want to be in his arms again feel them around me and I’m aching badly real bad. Four months, there’s still four months… don’t know if I’ll last that long… long lonely nights, I’m missing him, still catching no Zzzzzzs…


~ by Mayang on May 17, 2006.

7 Responses to “catching no Zzzzzzs…”

  1. Four Months?! Where’s he gone?!

  2. he’s migrated to canada w/ his family last year and i’ve gone to UAE after that. 🙂

  3. UAE?!?! why?! aint a better place than that?
    btw seems yo slept a while cos you didnt blog :p

  4. UAE’s a shithole in fact, but my family’s there so i have no fuckin’ choice! ain’t no better place than that? hell there is, if i was to choose bet. UAE & Mongolia, i’d choose Mongolia a far better place than where I came from!(d heat sucks and d men sucks even more!) haven’t slept my man, jst drowning in my thoughts. come to think of it i still haven’t gotten any sleep… i might need to soon or i’ll go freakin’ nuts than i am now! ;p

  5. are you arab?!
    i know nothin about UAE but i’ve been to Iran & it wasnt as bad as i thought!
    better go to bed, take some pill

  6. arab?! hell no! filipina here, my dad and sis livea nd work there that’s why i got working there. Iran isn’t really that bad compared to UAE, lots of ppl and men who stare a lot! thnks, i did a li’l and it helped… took some of d crankiness and nuttiness off… hehe 😉

  7. clever blog!

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