What's with MEN and beautiful women?!

Here's a story that's happened to a friend of mine… 😉

Here's this man chatting with a girl and upon seeing her pic, he thinks to himself…(Man, this chick's hot! Need to take her to dinner and maybe I can score after that…) So happens they're going to have a 'meet' for an org. they're both members of. So he asks her to dinner and the chick unaware of this man' s hidden intentions agrees since it's only a casual, 'friendly' date he says to her. He even tells her not to tell the others about this date. Reason for this, he wants her all to himself ain't willing to share, what a loser! But then comes this guy's friend(who happens to be another loser!), founds out that there's this chick unaware that she's already been asked out by his friend. Does the same thing that the first guy did with her and tells her not to tell anybody(he also wants her to himself!). So on they go with this charade, both men thinking they got the best of each other. Comes the day of their date, which happens to be at the same day and at the same time(great timing huh!). What happens?! Both men are shocked to see that the woman of their dreams have gone on a date with… why, of all people, the geeky guy in the club?! So who got the best of who this time? The woman of course! Coz she was wise enough to take on the geek guy instead of the two 'wise guys'. She knew they will be difficult to say no to unlike the 'geeky' one.

Moral of the story, men can sometimes be shallow when they see beautiful women they act like predators after prey but end up being the prey themselves! They thought they could get away with it, fat chance! Now that's what I call getting 'whipped'! Sweet! haha (No pun intended to all guys out there, just telling a mere observation…) hehe 😉


~ by Mayang on May 19, 2006.

4 Responses to “Whipped!”

  1. dont yo wanna update?!

  2. update on wat my man?!:-/

  3. update on yer blog! dont yo wanna blog?!

  4. working on that my man, working on that. had some work to do earlier (and i call myself on vacation?!) hehe 😉

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