drunk and passed out…

drunken-passed-out.jpgEver got so drunk you don’t know what you were doing the next day you wake up or got really wasted you wake up in the hospital or much better on the side street the following day?! I for one haven’t had the opportunity of getting that drunk in my life. Hell I haven’t even drank more than a bottle of tequila! But right now I just wish I was that, for my own sake. So I can sleep soundlessly, one thing I was never able to do for almost 15 years! Really, I just need to be so wasted I won’t have to think anymore, of so many things(my future, career and all that shit!), of caring too much for the people around me and missing someone so bad. Make my brain shutdown for a while even just for one night…

I don’t care about being sober the next day and everything coming back to me in a rush. I won’t mind that, as long as I’ll have one night of blissful amnesia, that’s all I ever need(for now!). If there’s a pill you can take that’ll let you forget for one day I’d buy a whole pack good for 365 days(excluding leap yr. of course), hell I’d buy the whole pharmacy for all I care! I just need a fucking break from all this insanity I call my life. And I thought blogging would help, seems not. Or it hasn’t worked it’s magic yet, I may have to wait a few days though then we’ll see…or I might have to think of another diversion… (scotch, anyone?!)


~ by Mayang on May 21, 2006.

8 Responses to “drunk and passed out…”

  1. hhhmmm getting so drunk that you cant remember the previous night is somehow good, but it’s not worth the later trouble; i remember once (from the so many times) i was so drunk, the next morning i woke up in the arms of a total stranger, funnily this stranger’s now the spouse-should-be-called; but it’s not always happy ending.
    btw why dont you go to doc? drugs aint that bad (doing drugs’s good in some ways)
    & keep blogging, find new friends, it makes difference in a longer time.
    & believe me how shitty yer life is there are million people with shittier lives, so take yer lifefor granted & dont think too much aboutyer boy. time’s the best painkiller.
    PS oooppps too wise?! sometimes i have this lunatic attacks!

  2. haha dnt worry, lunatic attacks are acceptable here as long as they’re not that often! besides your ‘looney’ advise is quite reasonable, might even try it for a change. hope when i get drunk i end up in the arms of a beautiful stranger too! haha 😉

  3. You should kill yourself.

  4. @Joseph
    -> why don’t you?! seriously, i’m not in the mood to steep to your level buddy, so grow up. thanks for the comment. 😉

  5. I understand you here. Cheers and fuck the haters.

  6. Somehow is not what you wrote that caught my attention but your picture. It is a very very spooky picture, where do you find it? Or you took it yourself?

  7. Same about the picture. Also I know how you feel and the problem with drinking to forget is that you can’t remember not remembering. Trust me.

    Actually my “trust me” comment seems a little funny to me now, since I’ve never read your blog before and have no idea who you are and probably won’t remember to come back and check for a reply. Nonetheless, it sounds like you’re in the same situation I was in about a year ago, and your post struck a familiar chord with me.

  8. Ha die ligt er goed bij. Haar bh en onderbroek zijn al ontdaan. Pak haar bij haar benen, draai haar op haar buik. Billen omhoog en ga je gang!!!!!!!!!!

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