my hips don’t lie…

Just got out of the bath. After writing my previous post felt like I needed one, to clear my head I suppose(as if it would help). So after dressing up I go back online, it has been a routine for me these past few days: sleep for 2-3 hrs. in the morning, wake up, eat, take a bath, go online(most of the day til d wee hrs. of morning the next day). As soon as I logged in this song by Shakira started playing on my Yahoo Music Engine. ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ was the title of the song, one of the OST in the movie ‘Dirty Dancing 2’, didn’t watch that movie but I loved the song. Right then and there I felt like dancing, not felt like, had the strong urge to dance.

Yes, this bitch can dance, I may be cold-hearted but hell I can dance. One of the things I forgot about myself after turning into this miserable pathetic self I am now was that I loved to dance. Dancing was one of my outlets of frustration and anger in life when younger. It was my ‘drug’. I remember myself dancing with friends at disco clubs not caring what people would think as long as I enjoyed myself. And even when I was already in UAE, it has never escaped me. I still went on my way dancing thru all the stress and frustrations of working life in a country where it was part of a non-local woman’s everyday life to be harassed by men(ok, I’ll save this one for another post ;)).

One reason I loved to dance maybe is that it has always made me feel carefree and alive. Always made me forget who I was for a time and act in a ‘hell-I-care’ attitude. Felt like a different woman, one that I have always suppressed within me. Kinda Psycho huh?! But it was like that, at least for me. So now, sweaty and feeling hot again after dancing to Shakira’s tune when I just got out of the bath. I feel like I’m refreshed(crazy as it seems) but I no longer feel the same crankiness that led me to write my previous post earlier(hehe). Well I’m still kinda cranky it will always be a part of me, but at least not like I used to earlier, thanks to Shakira!(yes, I love her songs!) Can’t imagine why I ever thought of getting wasted just to get me off my misery, thinking back to it. Now, I’m off to another bath! Oh, there’s one thing I realized about myself coz of this sudden ‘crazy dancing fit’ I had. Hey, my hips still don’t lie after all… hehe 😛


~ by Mayang on May 21, 2006.

2 Responses to “my hips don’t lie…”

  1. I used to play the piano for all the reasons you described about your dancing. Great emotional release. I haven’t played the piano in years now, but have a great appreciation of music.

    I thought I would NEVER find your blog!!! Found your link in “I hate you like hell……”

    Love your writing! 😀

  2. I always thank God for music, it has always been my emotional release! for this I've always loved and appreciated music also. 🙂

    thank you for trying to find my blog, I find it as a really BIG compliment. it is very much appreciated, been reading your blog for days now, love everything you wrote in there… 😀

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