hush don’t blush…

oh heart, why do you flutter? soft to the touch i yearn to unfold, to behold. a whiff of your scent sends shivers to my spine don't you feel me blush?! peek, just a small peek to the depths of your soul let me see, let me in. i am like a speck of dust on your lash, blow me away and i will fly i'll be gone. light as a feather transparent like the air, just a mere muffled cry in the cold night's endless sigh…

i am the wind, disguised as nothingness in the dark…


~ by Mayang on June 1, 2006.

6 Responses to “hush don’t blush…”

  1. Beautiful, very profound!

  2. thanks Sandra! sudden bouts of sanity makes me write things like these. hehe 😀

  3. Ah, now that was profound “babbling”! That’s so beautiful. I might be quoting you soon…

  4. hmmm if you find my babbling profound, what more if i talk with sense?! haha seldoms happens! thanks Saly, if you quote me they might ask you where you got the trash just direct them here if they want some more! LoL 😉

  5. really ooooppps nice, better shut the window , i hate wind

  6. thanks! wind is ok if it’s not chilly and swooshy! 🙂

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