yep it pours…

people always said that when luck happens, it comes in torrents or when it rains it pours. meaning when you get lucky you get it in shitloads! maybe right may be wrong. but what i do believe is that when shit happens, you get loads of it. proof of my point, le’me….

last week while still in my ‘self-imposed solitude mode, i have been dreaming the same dream. the dream, was that i was running from something and trying my hardest to look at my back to see who or what it was after me. funny thing is there seems to be nothing there, if it’s telling me something or some sort of a warning i don’t honestly give a cent. on the fifth day though after having that same stupid dream, i woke up feeling my neck and legs stiff and cramped. it so happened while sleeping i was doing things as i was dreaming. i get up feeling sore and shitty and more miserable than i could ever get. as i pass by the rest room mirror, thought i was still dreaming coz i thought i saw something different on my face.

so there i was getting nervous and all inching my way slowly back in front of the mirror thinking of all the worst possible scenarios i can think of. maybe my face has turned to a large zit, maybe i’ve developed a 2nd nose, mouth, ear or eye, or i’ve turned to this hollywood star look-alike?!(yeah, yeah fat chance! but it won’t hurt if i wished, would it?!) as soon as i got in front of the mirror i opened my eyes as fast i can as if for a surprise. WTF! surprise, surprise it was indeed! i see my left eye all swollen up as if i got off of a nasty barfight the previous night only i didn’t and it’s almost shut. i have a freakin’ eye infection, usually happens when the weather gets too hot. great, just my fat luck no wonder my eye hurt when i closed it! there i was feeling more sorry for myself coz i’m sore, my neck and legs cramped by the second and i’m sporting this swollen half-shut left eye that looks like a ‘big shiner’ making ‘mohammad ali’ look far better than me! yeah right, it pours my ass! just my friggin’ Luck! what more could i ask?! grrrrr…


~ by Mayang on June 1, 2006.

2 Responses to “yep it pours…”

  1. Omg! I thought there was some deep seated issue going on here, turns out it wasjust an infection. Let down Mayang! 🙂

  2. bwahaha you did?! awww, sorry to disappoint you there hon! hehe the eye's ok now, so i'm worryin' bout somethin' worse! 😉

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