in a nutshell…



saw your name pop up on my screen last night. felt my soul jump out of me for a second. what have i been reduced to now? a highschool teen who gets all giddy and blushing with just exchanging bits of words with you online, when before i had the luxury of your touch and kisses and even more than that. seems like eternity since i saw you last but it was only a year ago when we went our seperate ways. we left home with a promise that we’ll be together again after a year, even sealed it with a kiss. aren’t all promises sealed with a kiss?! only 5 months more… more than a year before that promise to be unsealed, why do i long for you so much than i ever did? is it due to anticipation building up inside or am i just missing you so much. i have never been complete without you, you took more of me when you left more than one can imagine. i was left hollow, an endless pit at the core of me. inspite of all the new and wondrous things brought forth in front of me in the new world where i’ve gone, none was enough to fill it in. tried all that i can to make myself not think of you for even just a minute but all was left to nought.

i understand now it’s true what they always say. once you find your other half, you’ll never be whole again not until he comes back to make you one. you are my half, i am here and you are there we’re worlds apart. i wait incessantly for you to come back, you who’s my precious half. til then suns and moons will rise and set, i remain a lone nut in this nutshell…

bientôt, amour…


~ by Mayang on June 4, 2006.

12 Responses to “in a nutshell…”

  1. beautiful, simply beautiful!

  2. lemme find some tissue,sniffffffffffff, look at that fly over there, thanks i blew my nose, look back. BEAUTIful like sandra said.

  3. That picture expresses the emotions in the post so well – excellent balance between the two. That sense of waiting and longing really comes through, very well done Mayang.

  4. thanks to all! 😀

  5. “whole cream makes me gassy, I prefer half & half”

    – Sir Dylan Thomas

  6. Salamaat,
    LOVE the pic:)

  7. Where HAVE you dissapeared to? After this last touching post you better get your butt back!

  8. hehe dntworry i’ll be back! yah’ll be hearin’ my insane pleas again soon! LoL 😉

  9. hhhmm packing to come to bethel?!

  10. This is so beautiful. I like the picture too. Really like the bit where you say “i remain a lone nut in this nutshell.” That’s why I like peanuts!;-)

  11. Bethel?! hell no! wouldn’t want to turn to a human popsicle!

  12. Or you could come to Texas and cook. omg it’s hot!

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