sol y luna…


sund and moon

bright night skies, illuminated by a full-rounded abysmal moon. like a goddess, you are mesmerizing with your loneness in the sky. you are an adornment thru limitless space and time. i can look at you and not blink, you are an intoxication to my visual senses. awed by your simple beauty, i just sat and stared, wandered to far away places in my mind. only to wake up and realize that your lover has already taken your place in the velvet sky…


~ by Mayang on June 13, 2006.

7 Responses to “sol y luna…”

  1. I love the last sentence! The lover is bright and scorching in my desert these days!

  2. same here! but i think it’s clear i love the nights more than the days is it?! esp. when there’s a full moon, had this in my head for nights just had the time to write it last night. 🙂

  3. yo better come to n-pole in winter, lotta long nights, yo know!

  4. i know, would love to do that in the future, honestly do. love the cold and the nights…

  5. Full moon beautiful here night before last. Have you had any of your writing published? If not you should try. You write beautifully.

  6. such sensual energy…would send many a guys a-panting.. heh.

    btw, thanks for putting me on ur blogroll…honoured. 😀

  7. @Sandra -> thanks Sabndra i’m really flattered, might do it in the future but not very near though. for now, i just write for my own sake, what you read in my pages are actually my thoughts(call me sexually repressed?!) LoL 😉

    @nuttycrapper-> thanks, guys panting?! LoL maybe they’ll pant coz they’re having difficulty grasping wht i mean by my rantings! haha btw, i like reading your posts! 😀

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