if ever i feel sleepy, i think about the nightmares that haunt me…

it’s like caffeine running thru my veins, waking up my senses. more bitter than coffee, more potent than adrenaline. nightmares that i run from, sometimes chasing me even when i’m awake. should i just stand here and wait for them to catch me or should i just go on running til i reach the end of my road and there’s nowhere left to run to. most of you would say why prolong the distress and not face what’s inevitable? then i’d tell you there are times that one cannot muster the courage to face their own demons. it would take them a lifetime to have the strength and bravery to settle what needs to be settled. would rather keep hiding and running than face what’s been haunting them to their sleep coz it’s easier done than waging their own battle unsure if it can be won. man sometimes choose the comforts of dark corners than bask in the light coz it would mean exposing themselves making them vulnerable.

i have always been like that, i choose to live in the dark and i choose to run and hide. will i ever get tired of this conundrum? it’s a question that still remains unanswered. for now, let me be shrouded by the dark shadows of my own phantom there i remain hidden it’s there i remain unharmed…


~ by Mayang on June 13, 2006.

2 Responses to “unsleep…”

  1. That is human. We are so much like ostriches but then who wants harm. Well said!

  2. thanks! ostriches, it’s my first time to hear that analogy! hehe you’ve added a good one on my list! 😀

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