yearning discontent…


sumptuous, deep, and sensuous, you are a feast of light and shadows…

a smorgasbord of mutable sensations, sensual pain and pleasure…

sustenance to my insatiable lust, fuel to my unquenchable thirst…

satisfy my gluttonous desires; feel me, touch me, fill me to my brim…

feed me til i ache and want no more…


~ by Mayang on June 24, 2006.

7 Responses to “yearning discontent…”

  1. what a terrible color, my eyes are crossed now *~*
    do you want me to give yo some of my pills 😉

  2. Ooo, What have we here?! That’s nice! Food and sex, pain and pleasure…well done!

  3. @saly -> ehehe is it obvious i’m a bit frustrated?! 😉

    @hell boy -> hey, it’s my favorite color! hehe would love to pop a couple or more pills right now! thanks! 😀

  4. WOW, I’d like to borrow that and send it to a sweetie that I know. 😀

    Again – you write beautifully!

  5. go on right ahead Sandra, i’d be honored if you do! 😀

    again, a million thanks! i’m just glad you’re alright, and here you’re leavin’ good words for my posts as you always do! 😀

  6. hey Mayang, thanks for stopping by at my blog. Sometimes it’s makes me wonder where other people are coming from and how they found my blog – it’s flattering.

    I realized, I’m blogging and we are just a click away. I’m adding you on my list. :mrgreen:

  7. hmmm, those words and that image seem like what I imagine coming out in the darkest hour of night. If I’m lucky 😉

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