behind the looking glass…


the other day, i watched one of National Geographic Channel’s re-runs(yep, it happens to be one of my fave channels), it’s about the war between US and Al Qaeda. at the end of the program, they show a clip of an interview with the Al Qaeda leader. i know you know who i’m talkin’ about, mentioning his name yet again as many have done in abandon would only make him an instance more popular than he was a nanosecond ago. so i’d spare him that priviledge. to be honest with you, i’m not on any of these two sides: US or Al Qaeda. i’m on ‘humanity’s’ side, my sympathy goes to those millions who’ve died for wars waged by individuals for inhumane and unjust reasons only for their own gain. for the millions of young soldiers who’s believed that they are fighting a winnable battle when the truth is, in this kind of war there are no winners only multitudes of losers. many of them have gone home cold, lifeless corpses when they could have done more, could’ve been someone in the future…

lately, i’ve been sickened to my stomach with all the killing i’ve been hearin’ and seein’ about on the news may it be on t.v. or radio and even on the net. there were times i just asked myself if there were any other news worthy of the ‘headlines’ and ended up answering my own question, ‘NONE’! so i’ll just end my ranting here coz i know it would only be a waste of words coz it won’t change a thing, i am just a grain of sand in the shores of humanity. i will not ever be heard unless i do an act that will equal Nicole Kidman’s recent wedding with rock star Keith Urban aside from that, my voice will remain a minute particle of silicon dust. just waiting to drown in the waves of time…

going back to what the Al Qaeda leader said on one of his interviews, he said:

“…these hills maybe bombed but this is home. We are not afraid of death. We love death, that is our big difference. The US loves life.”

i am writing it now verbatim as i have heard it said by the man. it has left me in thought remains unclear…

infinite grains of sand if gathered, kissed by fire turns to fluid clear glass…


MOOD: weepy


~ by Mayang on June 29, 2006.

14 Responses to “behind the looking glass…”

  1. hey. i really appreciate your comments on my crap. it really means something to me. thanks!

  2. You know Mayang, one of the Islamic prophecies is that before the end of the world all Muslims will either die or convert and there will be not a single Muslim left on earth. Then Jesus will return (cos we believe he isn’t dead) and will rule the earth for 40 years with Imam Mehdi and then everyone will convert to Islam and there will be no other religion left. But before all this happens, Muslims will fight and carry out mass massacre and will not obey the Prophet (in fact some say that they will quote fluently from the Quran but will dislike Muhammad). This is what I see happening now. It doesn’t surprise me at all. Muhammad told us this 14 centuries ago. The Muslims today who kill ‘efficiently’ are betraying their religion and are led astray by their own stupidity. This had to happen.

  3. @ralphT -> you’re very muh welcome po! it’s a pleasure butting in to other people’s sites as logn as they don’t find it intrusive. 🙂

    @saly -> to be honest saly, i’m truly horrified knowing about this prophecy! so in death comes new life for Islam?! then that Al Qaeda leader who said that line i quoted on this post was wrong after all. there is no real difference between life and death, they are intertwined not seperate. there is none without the other… i loathe death, not afraid of it though! i just hate seeing death looming over other people esp. children, breaks my heart… 😦

  4. Hi Mayang, I’m with you on humanity’s side. Do any of the soldiers, on either side of the conflict, really know what they’re fighting for? Do we even know? And if that’s so, why are they fighting? Just whose interests are being protected because I don’t think that those who have decided that this conflict is inevitable have my best interests at heart. Or yours. Or the multitudes of young men and women who have sworn to defend “freedom” on either side of the conflict. Or the innocents who die in the name of this freedom.

    Thanks for letting me “butt in” and rant (and thanks for your comment on my site).

  5. Mayang, absolutely fantastic image. Plus, don’t forget, the most beautiful pearl starts as a single grain of sand.

  6. wow dont watch too much news then, yo cant mix sand grains & heat then have glass, not that easy! it’s good to think about humanity , yo’re gonna win the noble prize if yo do something, so yo better do something now or dont watch/read the news again 🙂

  7. hello Mayang, thanks for dropping by my page.

    i don’t have the NGC in our cable *darn*, and that is also one of my favorite channels, aside from Discovery.

    i was able to watch George Clooney’s Syria, though. and even that, though partly fiction, was already heavy and distrubing as it is.

    it’s really a dangerous world we are living in right now, but i guess, that should not stop us from enjoying life, and seizing every moment.

  8. honestly speaking,I`m tired of watching the news..

    just like you said,cant do a thing about it,esp the war,the terrorism,the natural calamities,so on and so forth..

    though,we have to live it,whether we like it or not.
    I guess,we should have lives,and live them to the fullest! 🙂

    your name sounds malaysian,mayang 😀

  9. @hell boy -> dang! was just talkin’ in metaphors man! LoL noble prize?! don’t think so! mebe yer right, i shldnt be watchin’ too much news or even listen in on them. it just sucks and i’m in an even suckier mood! ugh!

    @vina/@ghee -> your very much welcome, and thanks all the same! yep, we shld. jst live lives to the fullest, unfortunately, i’m way much of an observant not to just mind about anything ’round me! 🙂

    mayang’s a pet name my friends and family so lovingly labeled me with, my real name’s christian may. hehe 😀

  10. First, thanks for the visit and the comment. hope you keep coming back. lol!

    On to my comment: I am a humanitarian too. I think wars are nothing but a show of power of US. Just showing everyone how powerful they are. Well, whatever. I’m not for or against anyone, just like you. I just hope and pray that everyone comes to their senses. Let’s just emjoy and celebrate life!

  11. I am against anyone going into someone elses country and killing, because they HATE a country. How can they label an entire country when we’re all different. Different values, different lifestyles, different religious affiliations. That leader may feel he is a disciple of the supreme being. My thoughts are that he will pay dearly…..hopefully for eternity.

  12. Brilliant picture and yes, sad for humanity, too much violence!

  13. @rockwatching -> thanks, for the comment and the ‘drop by’! 🙂

  14. helo nice blog sounds vey unusual but i like it

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