colas schmolas…

first and foremost, i don’t drink coke, pepsi or any other kind of colas or carbonated drinks!(‘cept for mountain dew if the ocassion calls for) i’m more of an iced-tea person, lemon-flavored to be exact. just took this dumbass test coz it quite tickled my fancy at the time i found it, now i’m wonderin’ why i ever did bother coz the results doesn’t even add up! oh well, here goes, take the freakin’ quiz if you like. hell, i don’t even know what dr. pepper tastes like! SIGH

You Are Coke
A true original and classic, you represent the best of everything you can offer.
Just the right amount of sweet, just the right amount of energy… you’re the life of the party. Your best soda match: Mountain Dew

Stay away from: Dr Pepper

i’m a coke, a freakin’ dopey, just hope don’t get wasted…


~ by Mayang on June 29, 2006.

8 Responses to “colas schmolas…”

  1. I am also an iced tea but peach flavoured or blueberries. I tried that quiz and I got Light Coke. Well I usually drink the light varieties if I cant seem to find any iced teas or juices

  2. so it matched you,mountain dew! 🙂

    hey,I love red color,too!

    Thanx for the visit,Mayang!

  3. @charles -> i stick to citrus-flavored drinks most of the time coz i’m the ‘colds-prone’ type. 🙂
    i prefer cocktails and hard drinks instead during occassions…

    @geeh -> thanks for the visit too, so we’re both Filipinas! great to know there are lots here in Blogosphere! 😀

  4. hi there mayang, i took the test and guess what? i got the same result with you. well as far as i’m concern the result really fits my personality. i love coke and i love party! and yeah right what the hell is dr. pepper? eheheh…

    btw, sasabat lang sa usapan..marami ng pinoy sa blogosphere! really! at makukulit ang marami samen! ahahah! welcome to the club. discover some and i assure you…you’ll enjoy!

  5. well i guess we’re a bunch of coke bottles in a keg! LoL

  6. likewise, i dont drink sodas (or any carbonated shit for that matter). not an iced-tea person tho… well, there are times… well, ok… most of the time. hehe. it discolorates the teeth kasi e… lol

  7. wel, well, well! what do i have here?! a teeth-conscious freak?! LoL yep, jst like coffee it discolors your teeth that is if you don’t brush often?! 😉

  8. hey! good for you! hubby is so much into coke so i can’t avoid drinking myself! btw, thanks for dropping by….

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