unending prose…


eyes hazy, my body beat,
soul in need of sleep,
alas, my pages remains
fraught with blissful images,
unerringly scribbled with
exquisite poetry of you

unbridled passion is your pen and ink
and me, the canvas of your unwritten piece…


~ by Mayang on July 1, 2006.

12 Responses to “unending prose…”

  1. .. life is like undending prose. It doesn’t end with a period. It goes on and on. So why not try putting a comma every after the sentence?

    I am a fan of the word “and”.

    Have a pleasant weekend, Mayang.

  2. thanks K, hope you had a blast for a weekend! 🙂

    as i ‘m an unbeliever of ‘endings’, i always leave my sentences with those 3 dots(…), for me it means there’s always a continuation to everything… 😉

  3. do you want me to give yo a pillow?! 😉

  4. pillows would be nice, i happen to be a pillow person! could you hand me at least 2, the bulkier the better! 😀

  5. … nothing! I just thought I’d stare at the pictures.

  6. ang galing mo talaga sis!

  7. So why am I not able to see the pic? 😦

  8. nice nice nice! me likey likey!!

  9. amazing. 🙂

  10. Mayang..you look so inlove 🙂

  11. oh i do?! yup, i am! for 8 yrs. now! 😉

  12. Picture doesn’t work, mayonnaise

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