flooding despair…


what i thought were long past and gone have haunted me all in a rush that i’m more than drowned…

it all has come down in torrents that i was left unready, like a flash flood looming over an unforsaken city. i’m left flooded, only with tears and desperation while the distance keeping us apart rids me of something to hold on to as my lifeline, to keep me afloat. as i am sinking ever so deep in a pool of memories i’d rather not bathe myself in, looking up to the heavens i pray, that i may yet resurface and redeem myself once again…


~ by Mayang on July 10, 2006.

8 Responses to “flooding despair…”

  1. …hand outstretched
    sinking beneath the tempest waves —
    which hand shall grasp my own?

  2. hi fr chas’s comment whore.

    feel for u girl. “LDR”is killing me BIG time and he’s not even making an effort at all unlike moi. BOys boys…

  3. Beautiful but rather sad to swim in the “pool so deep just to forget all those memories”. Why not try going to the beach? I can bring a sun-tan lotion and rub your back. :mrgreen:

  4. @mick -> thanks mick, beautiful add to my post! 🙂

    @yuri -> so you’re chas’s comment whore, thanks for droppin’ by! yep, boys they’ll always be how they are…. SIGH

    @K -> thanks, but i don’t like suntanning that much esp. the part when i need to rub thick icky sunblock on my skin! LoL i love the beach when it’s raining though… 🙂

  5. OMG this is too deep for me. Lovely!!!

  6. aaawww….

  7. I hate sunblock. I like ice-cream though…

  8. i know what you need, “life vest”!

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