thine autumn monologue…

autumn's monologue

Oh why can’t I be what you need?
A new improved version of me.
But I’m nothing so good,
No, I’m nothing. Just bones,
A lonely ghost burning down songs

-‘Autumn’s Monologue’ by Autumn To Ashes-

can’t i not be porcelain, flawlessly glistening under a nightlamp’s light,
can’t i not be a winged angel innocently naked under your calming gaze,

can’t i not be perfect, the way you deserve your woman should be…

i guess this song is right, i’m nothing. just bones, a lonely ghost burning down songs. but still…

you choose to love me.


~ by Mayang on July 12, 2006.

25 Responses to “thine autumn monologue…”

  1. Hmnn.. emo day pala dito he he he.

    Would you believe me if I say that somehow, somewhere, someone feels the same way as you do? And the thing you feel for that someone is the same thing he feels for you.

    Para kasing fud chain yan he he he,
    Mahal ka niya, mahal mo siya, mahal niya ay iba. If that’s the case, at least i’m happy na din siguro knowing someone loves me.

  2. @lukin -> emo day?! guess it is, been like this for who-knows when! SIGH
    food chain?! hmmm nice analogy there! hehe

    yes he loves me, for reasons he only fully understands coz even i sometimes can’t grasp why… thanks for droppin’ by! 🙂

  3. waw. new layout!

  4. emo rin, kakatapos ko lng mag emote. eto pang isa, lolz. chill

  5. ever heard of genetics, colonization & this stuff? give it a try then, may be it works.

  6. What a very emotional paragraph. I understand music and lyrics like that tends to make us get so attached and memorize them by heart.

    Hope all is well with you May.

  7. @ralph -> salamat! 😀

    @paolo -> oo nga eh, seems ‘ma-emote’ mga tao ngayon! hehe 😉

    @hell boy -> again keith, you never cease to amaze me with your sarcasm and wit! thanks for cheerin’ me up my man! LoL 😀

    @K -> am ok, everything’s well! thanks! how’d you know my name?! hehe 🙂

  8. Awww, more emotional musings… The only consolation we can ever have is that no body’s perfect. That line is so cheesy and so cliche’, but that’s all we have to hold on.

    I like the picture! Is that you? She looks like you! Very pretty! 🙂

  9. Hi there Mayang! The picture is nice and it somewhat reflects the words on your post as well.

  10. @K -> am ok, everything’s well! thanks! how’d you know my name?! hehe”

    Because I’m a psychic. Nah I just thought your first name was May and last name probably Ang? Now, are you chinese? :mrgreen:

  11. siguro sumasabay lahat sa pagpatak ng ulan.. 🙂
    uy! julia! kamusta mo ko sa eat bulaga family! 😛

  12. You are the most artistic, profound blogger among us. I am honored to be in your presence.

  13. profound! that’s the word!!! hehe

  14. i like this kind of post,i can sense that you are a passionate woman,too!

    its beautiful,tumatagos hanggang bones 🙂

  15. @K -> hmmm good deduction! hehe actually it’s ‘christian may’, that’s my name! 😉 am not chinese, my eyes are too big to be one! LoL 😀

    @pilimon -> cguro nga, but i love the rainy days the effect is somewhat diff. for me, i’m happier! 🙂

    @sandra -> aww sandra, you’re making me blush! you never cease to make me feel i’m more than what i really am. again, thank you! 🙂

    @ardee -> sheesh! pati ba nman ikaw?! haha thanks, hope your blog’s doin’ great! 😉

    @ghee -> thank you! i guess i am though i’m in denial?! hehe 🙂

    again, thank you all! cheers! 😀

  16. Nice:))

  17. Who’s teh girl in the picture?

  18. @Eric

    definitely not me! LoL 😉

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  20. uumm….. i love autumns monologue its my favy including fiction we live there both such touching songs they make me all emo and stuff though! well laterz

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  22. То ли в википедии, то ли еще где я уже видел почти такую же подборку инфы, но все равно спасибо

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  25. Можно и подискутировать по этому поводу … 🙂

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