in memoriam…

wine toastsin relation to my previous post, those who’ve come across or took the time to read my About page before would notice that t’was from there. yes, the poem was actually ‘me‘ or let’s say about me. i’ve made some changes on the self-description and took the poem out of it in response to a promise made.

i’m just an ordinary gal who’s done deeds no one would imagine i could do, guess i look that ‘naive’ to people i know. made that poem during a time when i was out of my wits and haunted by mistakes i did, it was actually the very first that i’ve posted online, the reason i decided to create a blog. i’ve made a promise. a promise to someone that i’d never write something like it again. something that would make me sound like i’m still dwelling in my past mistakes, which i did and still sometimes do. it makes him sad, for him to see me like that, to sense that i’ve lost my self-worth coz i mean so much to him that’s what he said. so, i changed the content of that page, took off that poem and posted it here in my blog, couldn’t just throw it away…

why? i’m the kind of person that puts value even to the littlest things given to me that’s why just ditchin’ them wasn’t that easy. from stuffed toys to li’l notes even bottle caps that i find have sentimental value, i’ve kept them all. for me they’re my little trove of treasures, a sort of reminder to how i was when younger. my mom used to tell me i had lots of junk stuffed in my room and that they need throwin’ but i would always tell her they’re all impt. stuff and she’d just roll her eyes and let me be. she knows she’s running a useless campaign, i never listen! (ain’t we all like that to our parents?! hehe) since it’s hard for me to throw things away i decided to post the poem here, to serve as i reminder. that no matter how dark a tunnel you’ve been to you will still see your way out of it in the long run…

this is one of those days that i really feel so thankful for all that i’ve been given. love can do so many things i’ve finally realized. and i’m truly blessed i’ve got someone who’s become the light that guided me out of that dark tunnel i once put myself into, someone who continues to be the bright light to my path…

Happy Birthday love! 26 yrs. ago today marked the start of God’s plan for me, finding you. this one is for you, cheers! love you always…:-*


~ by Mayang on August 1, 2006.

3 Responses to “in memoriam…”

  1. why… thank you…. [joke]

  2. Mayang has a boyfriend!!! Oh honey, I’m so happy for you! 😀

  3. sweet 🙂

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