rain story…


raining, coaxing… defiantly, i sing along to the tune of cloud tears lulling me to my peace. facing the vast starless night sky and swallowing pure crystal raindrops, i brave them watery blows. dancing to the beat of the heaven’s drums til i’m washed thoroughly with conviction that definitely, i will live through the waiting, needing and longing this storyline dictates me. the prologue, you running home to me, a man haunted by incessant yearning for his lover’s sweet warm embrace…



~ by Mayang on August 3, 2006.

17 Responses to “rain story…”

  1. seems like inspired by the raini huh?!!? very creative. i think it’s nice. oh, lovely!

    pero mukhang medyo senti ata ah!

  2. how profound 🙂

  3. What can I say? Once again – beautiful, simply beautiful.

  4. i prefer to use umbrella & never act like the image in your twisted mind, what a guy!

  5. Rain… hmn… i prefer storm ha ha.

  6. love your posts here…


  7. What beautiful and captavating words a flow of creativity.

  8. You sound like you’re depressed, but want to be happy. You sound like me…

  9. I love the rain fall… it seems to pull me into a calm world where everything is frozen, except for the rain… I love your poetry! =)

  10. nice web;-)

  11. Hey, just wanted to let you know, if you didn’t know already, that your image was used in the latest AcidPlanet remix contest banner. It’s for none other than Tay Zonday’s Chocolate Rain.


  12. wow, beautiful picture
    wonderfully captured ripples
    i love rain.

  13. Wow ur words are deep and touch the soul deep stuff… I like it

  14. me gusta la foto!!!

  15. May I use the Black rain Jpg for contenting an educational website? The website is Cleanstream.org Please send me an e-mail verifying copyright use approval.
    Thank you

  16. rain is tears of world for us..

  17. soulful

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