spectral sorrows…


i have a heart seared by numbing pain; soul mangled by haunting sorrows…

dark spectres hanging behind my shadows, clinging to my every move…

phantoms of a dark past yonder, unceasing just waiting to unravel…

my one sole medication, to ease away these hurtful woes…

a most potent addictive opium of YOU


~ by Mayang on August 14, 2006.

8 Responses to “spectral sorrows…”

  1. A wierd twisted way of saying I need you. hehe! I love it! Where you you get your pictures? Do you make them yourself? Amazing!

  2. I thought you were being awfully dark until the last line. A nice way of ending it!

  3. waaaaaah! emo emo emo…. pero ang galing…

    “my one sole medication, to ease away these hurtful woes…
    a most potent addictive opium of YOU…”

    yeah! addiction ito!

  4. i dunno what sole medication is. the only sole i know means the bottom part of a shoe or sock, not including the heel, so please explain to me how a sole can be medication, if it belongs to my socks it’s jus hell smelly 🙂

  5. For some reason I like the picture. It looks as if a picture from the scary movie, The Ring with a Mariah Carey “butterfly” in it. 😛

  6. haha. ayan. may nagcomment din about where you get ur pics. hahahahaha

    iniisip ko, bakit ka nakaka-likha ng mga ganito? anong problema? e samantalang masaya ka naman ata sa iyong buhay at meron ka nang ‘prinsipe’…

    (if you did not understand what i just said, just tell me. lol)

  7. Keith – sole =only. Beautiful writing as usual honey.

  8. actually this poem didn’t agree with me. it sounded too needy. i wanted to run away. i can tell that you put a lot of effort into writing it. i like that picture though. did you take it?

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