flux and permanence…

flux and permanence…

somewhere between the planes of permanence and obscurity,

i desperately swim for my buoy of sanity,

fighting the strong currents of absurdity,

searching for the shores of lucidity with naked hands…


~ by Mayang on August 23, 2006.

14 Responses to “flux and permanence…”

  1. Don’t fight the currents of absurdity
    Enjoy them while you can
    Lucid shores have sadder moors
    So let go lovely man

  2. Lovely as usual. I wish I could write so beautifully. sigh

  3. Everything can be overwhelming sometimes and we all need a release. We earn for the simplier, but better things in life. I hope I understood it right. 🙂

  4. ang galing! nakakamangha! poetic talaga! 🙂

  5. hhhhmmm jus thinking of a way to help you!!!!

  6. i love this,as usual Mayang..

    so deep…

  7. *giggle* The cute girl said “naked” *heh heh* She’s talented too!

  8. Where are you – I never see you around anymore!?!

  9. I like the new look. I hope this means some new stuff from you soon too!

  10. new look but no post, i wonder you drwoned somewhere in your thoughts, dont you really wanna blog?

  11. wer u?…..

  12. Trying to figure out what the picture is? lol

  13. yep, i must have drowned in my own pool of melodrama… LoL 😐

    @albertkline – still trying to figure what this picture is?!

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