elemental rage…

Fire and Ice


she, like a sharp-tongued angel

breathes out torching, ravenous fire

like piercing shards of frozen ice

striking those who cross her path…


~ by Mayang on September 27, 2006.

13 Responses to “elemental rage…”

  1. The picture isn’t showing, but the poem reminds me of……..me on occasion.

  2. huh? is there any picture there?
    btw you should have put a warning up there for the random sparks you send, may be some guys are vulnerable

  3. I pity the fool who crosses you 🙂 Your new profile pic suits this quite well too!

  4. Wow… that’s beautiful. *randomly came across your site*

  5. hi i don’t know what this site is about but man it looks pretty cool. *randomly went to this site*

  6. well well.i rwally like this site.is there members??

  7. wow…like me…

    chek my blog



  8. hey… i like!

  9. 🙂

  10. Very cool. I love it when pictures show opposite elements together.

  11. amazing, truly awesome

  12. With credit and a link to your site, would you permit me to use your picture “Elemental Rage” as a background on the cover of a book about consumer management of insurance company abuse, to be published on the internet.


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