night’s separation…

last night. lying on the bed we went our separate paths. you slept your way to a myriad of dreams, while i kept rollin’ to restless oblivion…


~ by Mayang on January 8, 2007.

7 Responses to “night’s separation…”

  1. I could not sleep last night
    It’s not awful but it did not feel right
    I guess we all will have to go our path in due time
    In due time…

  2. Wow! Interesting site and images you got here. Very surreal yung image na to and the words along with it. Tas pumasok pa yung music 😀

    Thanks for the visit!

  3. It was hard for me to fall asleep yesterday too … So many thoughts in mind. Sigh!

    Thanks for linking me up. I will link you too!

  4. You are incredible with words, pictures and music you create the most intreguing posts. I am fascinated.

  5. your theme, your photos, your words including the music blend well. This blog of yours has personality – (as if others do not have… LOL)

    Oh by the way, are you a member of some gothic thing or are you in one way related to Bayang Barrios? Just asking..

    Great blog.

  6. thanks for the visit.. wow.. nice blog..

    soothing ung background music.. 🙂

    nice.. un lang nice… ^_^

  7. don’t take too much crystal then you can sleep.
    you’re always trying to look different, why?
    btw nice blog but no music cos i had an argument with the speakers now they’re mad at me.
    sorry all crap. why can’t i comment like a good civilized hellboy 😦

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