utter vibrance…

utter vibrance…

your voice resonant like a strummed guitar’s…

vibrant tones coax shivering waves from my core…

my plight, should i begin to dance to the music that you wrought…


~ by Mayang on January 10, 2007.

13 Responses to “utter vibrance…”

  1. i just want to say i love your blog, it’s beautiful and colorful. it’s really amazing!

  2. The resonance of voices; utterly beautiful when it comes to the ones that you love deeply. It strums your heart, to an ultimate point that one can never achieve.

  3. Nice words. Good for you. I think you should dance to the music. You never know when the last chord may be played.

  4. Strumming the strings of ones heart is ultimate
    Being strummed is the greatest feeling
    Only by the hands we love
    And not others

  5. Strumming my pain with his fingers..
    Singing my life with his song..

    That’s what he did.. told the whole world at a karoake that it’s over between us.. 😦

  6. Incredible is all I cany say about your Blog!

    After a long time I mananged get into a Blog full of Vibrant energy! Just love yur blog and love your notes!

  7. You have beautiful pieces of poetry here 🙂

  8. resonant: Strong and deep in tone; resounding
    See, you teach me things all the time, my dear- had to look it up on Google, haha. xx

  9. Did I mention before that this guy is really lucky? 🙂

  10. I love your blog!
    And oh, about your recent hollow thoughts… “don’t feed me violins, just run with me thru rows of speeding cars…” I love that song. 😉 Imogen Heap, right!

  11. I love your blog! Did you take these pictures yourself? I wanted to ask if I could link to your pictures. 🙂 Theyre great!

  12. nice color and ambience btw.. that pic..photoshop made?

  13. nice!!!

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