surreal dreams…


surreal dreams

dreams have a habit of becoming real…

you wake up one day disappointed of finding that the dream is no more, but a stark reality…

would you still risk closing your eyes so you can dream again?!


~ by Mayang on January 23, 2007.

8 Responses to “surreal dreams…”

  1. Dreams are what makes up for our imaginations at time
    I would never give up dreaming if that’s what you are asking
    For where shall we get the paradise and fantasy if we stop closing our eyes and let our imaginations go wild

  2. I would definitely take the risk to close my eyes so that I could dream again. Without dreams there would not be realities, that is what I think.

    Sometimes, I would like my dreams to come true but no matter how hard I wish for it to come true, I guess it wouldn’t; we ought to be realists, sometimes.

    Sad, but true, aye?

  3. This is where I should be commenting actually! Gawd! I guess, I was just so amazed from the colorful blogsite you have 😉

    Kyels’ right. I definitely agree! I’m a RISK-TAKER myself. And on that case, I would take my chances again and close my eyes back! Without dreams there really is no reality. For what we do and what happened in reality – most of the times we DREAMT of it. If we wished or dreamt of it and didn’t come true, that’s how it is. It’s just my own perception, though.

    Reality bites, that’s why… 😉

  4. i love dreams 😀 i have nice dreams bout boy wooo
    get tht in surreal yehhah man

  5. Dreams are a way to escape reality in a surreal way.
    I love dreaming. If I get woken up from a dream, I just go back to sleep and continue the same dream. I call it watching a movie, with myself as the creator. I could sleep for long hours and have mini shows in my mind.
    Also dreams help me with new ideas for my art work.

  6. I like dreams of hot chicks.

  7. Amazingly true and sad. Can I take this as a quote to you? Thanks.

  8. I had a real dream quite a few I belive these dreams most of da time is wat your life sld be like wld I dream again jus 2 feel dat? yes!

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