sand castles…



sand castles…


i tread on dreams that come and go, silenced and universal

hoisting buckets of my holy water to the shores where

you sit and plainly marvel…



~ by Mayang on January 30, 2007.

7 Responses to “sand castles…”

  1. Dreams come and go
    We walk in them everyday watching others
    As they seem to be in control
    Of yet another dream that they walk in

  2. Dreams come to us and they go away at the same time. But the most beautiful part of dreaming is that we get to see the desires of our hearts …


  3. … this is too deep for me. lol

  4. did you make that castle on your own?

  5. Yes! I sit and plainly marvel at the images and words here. If I stare longer I might get sucked in the dream….

  6. beautiful..

  7. perpetual motion machine?
    should we talk more you would see it
    then we should construct it,
    In my mind, and all only on paper,
    does it work it’s mastered design
    But, say you’ll help me live longer
    and this that yes then, we put it to part.
    Parts are simple, they are magnets and rods,
    one simple disc
    And how, if you are interested, can I show you Mayang(C)
    email recieved, ty

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