lights out…



darkness comes again,

and as the last candle melts its wax,

with every breath shallower in the night,

there is nothing left for me to do but,

wait in muted stillness…


~ by Mayang on February 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “lights out…”

  1. We all feel darkness once in a while, but I’m sure silence and serenity will take away your mind from things.

  2. that looks like someone dumping you on bleeding heart’s day 😀

  3. And I was not able to blow it out in order to save her for another occasion. She left me, but a brilliant man, I confess, I simply had none breathe to breathe her left again.

  4. I was fraught and friveled by the minds of insight, no longer I able to run and or to fight. I am not alone, but doest thou see me myself… I am greatly disputed of my immortal disponce, I can nolonger shallow my reef. Gorgivness is much appreciated, …

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