sodden blues…


i am alone,

in this room so gloom,

embraced by the colour blue,

inside this poem,

the only words i ever truely knew…



~ by Mayang on February 21, 2007.

13 Responses to “sodden blues…”

  1. Loneliness enchances the blueness
    However blueness may mean calmness serenity

  2. just hit your head n the solace of your pillow.. 🙂

  3. a poet writes with thoughts causing obsessive emotions feelings sentiments drastic overflow but because of accusations of obscurity poets no longer write no longer scribble no longer but left with the solstice of sentiments feelings emotions obsessive back to the abstract concept of thoughts.

    a sample of a failed attempt to write in prose poetry. such a new genre, difficult to master.


  4. @phonologist

    there’s no failure coz there’s no attempt of sorts made here. i’m neither a poet nor an emo specialist-wanna-be, if that’s the genre you say i’m trying to fit myself and my writings into.

    i write coz i feel to, not to amaze, woo, wow or impress anyone coz it’s not my style. i simply write my thoughts out, free them from the bondage of this crazed sleep-deprived mind…

    thanks for the enlightening if not kind words you have obliged my page with, now if you don’t mind i’ll go back to my attempts to regaining control of my sanity.

  5. Your writing is beautiful in it’s own special way. Wish that you sleep well tonight.

  6. You are never alone; though you may feel that way. I love the way you wrote this stanza.


  7. both image and words are astounding…

  8. nice poem as usual,Mayang 🙂

  9. Unique and moving.

  10. intricate…but soothing…what is in blue? peace…refreshing

  11. and i’m here to kick your ass for an update!

  12. whoah! what a ponderous word, “sodden” I initially thought it was mispelled unintentionally 😀

    On the brighter side, thoughts will just flow amiably when we are in a sodden mood, so avail them with justifiable worth… I did it a couple of times. 😉

    ~ baduy

  13. now thing of the color red again
    that can’t be true what you have said
    who are you speaking for?


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