About the sleepless Author…

Mayang's hair

i am a traveler but never been to places except in my mind, i love life but hate all it’s trimmings, i am a perfectionist but i’m definitely flawed, i am silent but my mind shouts freely, i am unselfish but loves selfishly, i am simple but complexity is my second nature, i am a fervent lover but hates passionately, i am all that’s ironic and yet everything seems to fit me. i am an old soul and a free spirit, i’ll forever wander…

on a lighter side…

i’m stoically skeptic, has a taste for the mundane and absurd. insanely pathetic to the brink of extinction. compassionate to the point of naivete. loves babies, lip balms, sunglasses, slippers and bags. looks forward to the rainy season than summer, loves dancing like a wild child in the rain. crazy over irish/aussie hollywood lads and drooling’ over their sexy accent. has a knack for new age, punk, ska, reggae, indie, contemporary classic and even Celtic and dances to percussion and arabic beats, don’t feed me R&B. loves books, tinkering with stuff, singing and has passion for dancing, writing, and art. i am flexible, versatile and volatile, hell i’m an ‘all-around’ kinda gal.


29 Responses to “About the sleepless Author…”

  1. Ha ha- sounds like we could get along just fine and be great friends 😛

  2. yah think so, i guess so! nice to know there are people who i have something in common with(and i thought i was unique?! sheesh!) hehe thnx, lookin’ forward to getting acquainted w/ yah 😉

  3. hey i wanted to ask how you got your flickr widget working… i cant get mine to display my pic!

  4. Whee, I think we can get along well!


  5. Nice blog! Keep blogging

  6. Nice blog! Keep blogging

    thanks a lot for visitin’! 😀

  7. hello…thanks for visiting my blog…hope you drop by again and post more comments…by the way, love the pics! did you take them yourself?

  8. you’re most welcome! 😀

    most of the pics here i just digitally edited from stock photos i already have and some here i did take.

    thanks for the interest! 🙂

  9. Hey,Mayang!
    Your blog is super.
    Thank you for providing thought-provoking topics.

  10. hi. im new to wordpress. maybe you can help?!?
    i love your page!

  11. blogwalking… nice writing 🙂

  12. Hi !!!
    i dun know that will i ever be able to release the cover of darkness on me and throw light !!!! …… i am waiting for that light ……. will i ever be able to receive that light !!! my eyes are closing down slowly and slowly ……… waiting for that light ……!!!!!
    can we be frndzzzzz !!!!

    i dun know but ur blog has really touched me !!!!!
    though i dont find the light here that i am searching for but this place calls me whenever i switch on my PC ………

  13. oops grt! same from me too. U r sooooooo poetic and lonely …..cool.

  14. Would you marry me??

  15. LoL i can’t, i’m already married 😉

  16. free said the fish to the shell, free as you wished you to be, sailing on the surface went the ships of gulls travels, and here I stumbled hours now ago, indepthly aflush with whom it is I know…not

  17. I not want to wait, long and high be those waves, sang to me you read my face, beyond the board of keys I stroked years ago, in silence you befell me, a sadness war, to be overcome, who are you my unlonsest one?

  18. My young who gnaws to be you me more….

  19. Mayang?!

  20. Granted upon you
    a search of clues
    Did you think time, (?)
    He who is…
    Could not see..
    to find you.
    Ahhh, now I leave a kiss for you.
    Bairer of the heart that is true,
    shovel some dirt upon the grass
    is new


  21. #

    LoL i can’t, i’m already married 😉

    Mayang said this on January 31, 2008 at 3:34 am


  22. @C

    i appreciate the small pieces of prose you leave here.
    your words are full of thought and interesting… 🙂

  23. lolz..

    you are an alter egoistic opposite of yourself

    thot of makin you my valentine…hehe

    but nw nope….

  24. brillant blog!

  25. I have seen wind passing by,pausing for a moment,
    just as it felt the presence
    of its beloved.
    When I saw you the first time,it rained.
    the strings ..overflowing my palm

    hi,me thomas
    currently at dubai.
    accidently came across your pages. felt like responding.

  26. i thought you might like to know


  27. also this

  28. We are the same, you and I,
    Two free Spirits who love to fly.
    World class travelers who never leave,
    The earthy ground beneath our feet.
    We’re unselfish to others,
    But are both selfish lovers.
    I think that we would be,
    Good friends, you and me. .^_^.

    Hi! I’m Mimi,
    Came across your page by accident,
    but feel in love with your wonderful poems and pictures.
    You are and amazing writer. Keep on doing what you do, from one writer to an other.

  29. thank you, again. your comments brought me back to this place i’ve completely forgotten. i miss it, miss writing my thoughts without anybody knowing who i am or why i do…

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